Hello. This is yet again another Q&A with Mr Stickm4n. Gosh, that sounded boring. Hey, everybody!!! Mr Stickm4n here, and I am here for one very important purpose!!! To bring you the one, the only, Q&A with Mr Stickm4n vol. 3!!!!! Now that was much more exciting. If you are new to the whole Q&A with Mr Stickm4n thingamajig (I think that's how you spell that), then you first need to read a few rules. Honestly, I don't necessarily expect you to read the rules, I just put them up here so that if a time comes when one of the rules applies to a situation I can say: "It's in the rules." Then you can look up and go: "Oh. I really should have read those." Anyways.

  1. I CAN answer any question. That, however, does not meant that I WILL answer any question. I will answer most all questions. But if I feel that I wish to ignore your question, or that it would be beneficial for everyone for me not to answer, then I shalln't answer. (Yes, shalln't is a word.)
  2. You can ask anything, though, honestly, I'd appreciate some questions that don't have to do with TES. I understand that this is a blog on TES wiki, but it's fun to answer some other questions sometimes, as well. I won't forbid you from asking TES questions, and I will, in fact, be happy to answer them.
  3. The answer that I give may not always be the one you are looking for. It will always be right, just maybe not in the way you were hoping.
  4. On the offchance that I get a question wrong, it is probably because I simply forgot the answer or was just testing you. I do that sometimes.

Those are all of the wonderfully amazingsauce rules. Now the questions may commence and I will try as hard as I can to answer them as quickly as I can. Thank you, and goodnight.

Mr Stickm4n 16:49, November 19, 2013 (UTC)