So, I have realized that I don't yet have a post about Skyrim. So this is my Skyrim post. Skyrim is one of the biggest most expansive and fun games I have played. But I think we can all agree that the game is FILLED with many many bugs. Especially when it comes to the followers. They randomly disappear at times and get stuck in the floor or the walls and won't listen to commands. The other annoying thing to bring up is the many times that you have killed your follower by accident. They just love to jump in front of you right after you release the arrow. Next thing you know you realize that you haven't saved in forever and would have to load way back to get them back. I don't remember it being this hard in New Vegas. (I will admit that it was still very annoying in that game too.) So, Bethesda needs to work out the bugs with followers in their games. Secondly, what's the deal with not being able to craft arrows? That didn't occur to them? (Btw, I forget, can you craft bows? If not that's another thing) The most annoying thing by far is that the game is being withheld from me so that I can hardly ever play it. (I'm only level 17) But Bethesda managed to put just enough good stuff, just enough working material to pull off an amazing game.

And the second thing I realize as I write this post to all of you, this is my first serious post where I didn't actually say anything genuinely funny. I can't have that. So here goes. I am going to say a really hilarious thing and you are going to laugh your face off:

Just kidding! Oh come on, I'm not funny enough for your face to actually spontaneously come off. How is that even possible?

--Mr Stickman