So, here I will tell you helpful tips to live by in case of a zombie apocalypse.

  1. If chased by a zombie, speed walk away from it. don't run. save your energy. It's not like it'll catch up to you.
  2. If bitten by a zombie, quickly find as many zombies as possible and kill them. You're going to die anyway. May as well take a couple down with you so that the rest of us can have a better shot.
  3. If you are surrounded by zombies with a friend, do the right thing and sacrifice him so you can escape. It's for the greater good.
  4. Traveling in packs is always a good idea. If attacked by a horde of zombies, you can just stay in the middle of the group. By the time they get to you they'll all be full. (Not proven)
  5. If you are surrounded by zombies and happen to have a frag grenade (or any other kind of explosive) on you, pull the pin and run at them. Again, you're going to die anyway. May as well take some of them down with you so the rest of us will have a better shot.

Those are your tips for the day. I hope you found them useful.

--Mr Stickman