When I first saw the 20min e3 video on Skyrim, I was literally blown away. I'll start from the top:

     It starts off with the character just walking through a forest. An absolutely stunning forest at that. Then he enters 3rd person and I get to see the character. Looked nice, but nothing too awesome yet. Then he unsheathes his weapon and takes some slices into the air. I noticed he actually put in some force into each of his normal blows rather than the normal hack and slash in two directions like it was in Oblivion. Then he switches to a Restoration spell. It looked pretty cool but I'm not a big magic user so this didn't interest me too much. Then he reaches the Guardian Stones. This part made the game really come to life. A beam of light shoot up into the sky. Then he kills a human and a few wolves. Again, the combat was pretty damn cool.

     Then it shows him in the town of Riverwood. All i can say is how realistic the conversations were. First, his whole body moved as he talked. Also, he continued with his activities as he talked showing his life isn't there just to tell you about lumber and jobs. He meant business. Finally, the background didn't freeze! You don't know how happy I am to see how they fixed this!

     Then it brings us to the top of a mountain. You can hardly see 40 or so yards in front of you due to the blizzard. Then you see a dragon that was once peacefully roosting on the top, fly behind you and then comes back at you with a blazing breath of fire. And as I saw this i thought "This isn't some really special exclusive boss.These are all over the game!". The Player then shoots the dragon with an arrow and then he retreats into the cave.

     As he enters, it excited me to see the dungeon have "personality". It looked like a tomb with some spots of light coming from the ceiling. As he approaches his first enemy, the enemy really seemed to have the same personality as the ones in Oblivion. They kind of just ran at you recklessly, and I expected no more or no less considering they were Nord zombies. The dragon shouts were freaking crazy! I especially liked the Whirlwind Dash he dashes at superspeeds past the traps. He also used this one that made undead run away too. And the running water was a very nice touch. The giant wall and the dragon priest were pretty cool too, especially his ice titan guy.

     After this is shows the player in a giant Tundra. Which in my surprise was very peaceful. And the giant mammoths and giants were damn awesome too! An enormous step from Oblivion. But then he attacks the mammoth and everything attacks him. Then a dragon saves his life by pulling the giant away from him by literally picking him up and dropping him! This scared the crap outta me! Then the dragon flies overhead and comes at him. And the scene ended (from what i remember while writing this lol).

     Then the character is facing a dragon. This one he has the aid of an archer. I don't really know who he was but he looked like an Imperial. But either way he becomes dragon food very quickly. Then the character kills the dragon and it caught on fire and it said "Dragon Soul Absorbed". This was pretty awesome. Then he sees another dragon. And not just a regular one, he sees a frost dragon which has a better breath and higher hp. he then rushes into the castle nearby and climbs to the top and uses a lightning dragon shout that hits the dragon with lightning, making it come down to the ground with lots of force, and scraping away a giant chunk of land as he stopped. This was amazing. I hope when you do this, the scrape kind of stays there but deforms a bit due to weather. Anyway he finishes off the dragon with an awesome but kind ofnlong finishing move.

     Probably the only ripe i had was how slow the finishing moves were, which can be good or bad. Either way, I'm super excited for 11/11/11!