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  • I live in norway
  • I was born on August 28
  • My occupation is selling propane and propane accessories
  • Mrdrugsarebad

    i have this problem, and im not sure weather its supost to happen or not; every time i go anywhere, fast travel anywhere, come out of something, do anything at all basically, there i a dragon there. i dont have a problem kiling them or anything im a pretty high level now, it takes me 'bout 10 minute to kill any dragon, but its annoying because i dont alwas have the time to fight it, and it prevents me from fast travel, waiting, enchanting, all the stuff i want to do more or less. ive fought abot 6-7 elder dragons 4 frost dragons, and probably 10 or so blood dragons, and thats just in riverwood! at one point i decided to run and i ended up having 3 dragons after me, (to elder and one normal)

    is there a fix to this? please help.

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