Name: Del'an Elmash

Race: wood elf

Gender: Male

Appearance: Caucasian, 5"10, Long blonde hair, pointy ears, brown eyes, 145 lbs

Age: 17

Apparel: Wood elf leather armour, Wood elf leather boots, Wood elf leather vambraces, Green hooded cloak, Black cloth pants

Weapons: Hunting bow, twin curved steel daggers, steel sword, steel arrows (x 200)

Powers: Animal control, 30% resistants to illness and poison

Spells: fast healing

Bio: Del'an Hails from the forest province of Valenwood. like the rest of his kinsmen he is a master archer due to his inherent mastery of the bow. he is the son of a wood elf Lore master (father) and a servant (mother). Before Del'an was born the two of them were ambushed and attacked by a group of Bandits. The Lore master was killed outright and his wife was wounded. She lived long enough to give birth to Del'an and soon after disappeared never to be heard from again. From then on Ashi'li took over caring of Del'an, as his guardian.