Name: Draganta

Race: Imperial

Gender: Male

Appearance: Caucasian, 5"7, brown hair tied in a small pony tail, brown eye, 145 lbs, Irish accent

Age: 20

Apparel: hooded linen shirt (with red and green tartan sash) , brown knee high leather boot, olive green cotton pants (with kilt),(red and gold) Mystic armour of fire (50% resistance to fire and all fire spells do 10% more damage)

Weapons: flaming Sword of battle (oblivion style steel sword with the blade on fire), wooden shield, dragon flute dagger (dragons become non-hostile for 2 mins)

Major Skills: one handed, block, athletics

Minor Skills: sneak, lock picking, acrobatics

Powers: "Fire within me!" (gains mystic armour of fire)

Spells: fast healing, flames

Bio: Draganta hails from the forgotten island of E'olas. As a young boy, his mother gave him to the druid Cathbad so he could learn to handle his powers. The druid took interest in Draganta soon after he saw a familiar mark on the young boy’s arm. An ancient scroll told of a great warrior, who would be able to defeat Queen Maeve in her quest for Ter-na-nog . Knowing Draganta had a destiny to fulfil, he sent the young man to find the Warrior. dur in his quest he also had to fight the Ice lord of Ter-na-nog to gain the Mystic Armour of fire. To don his is crimson and gold armour, he shouts "Fire within me!".

Eventually it is also revealed that he is the Great Warrior that the scroll told him of and that he is son of Queen Maeve, with Lugad as his half-brother (who is also half Daedra). With these shocking discoveries revealed, Draganta did not let his family issues overpower his duties to Ter-na-nog. Draganta was able to defeat Maeve in their final confrontation.

Name: Angus

Race: Imperial

Gender: Male

Appearance: Caucasian, 5"7, long black hair, brown eyes, 145 lbs, Irish accent

Age: 20

Apparel: Red dunmer outfit, black fine boots, mystic Armour of earth (immune to stagger and knock down

Weapons: Terra sling mace (iron mace that stagers enemy if smashed on ground)

Major Skills: thievery, sneak, speech

Minor Skills: one handed, heavy armour ,

Powers: "Earth beneath me!" (gains mystic armour of Earth)

Spells: none

Bio: Angus and Draganta have been friends for years, connected by their experience of both being orphans, together they strived to live day by day. Angus is infamous for his tendency for stealing, lying. In fact, his constant presence near the palace of E'olas has gotten him arrested on several occasions, including the time when Draganta was in search for Tir Na Nóg, Draganta managed to persuade Angus to accompany him on his quest. Rohan led the young outlaw to his destiny, as a member of the Mystic Knights.

Angus learned he had to be loyal and honest to his fellow Knights. This meant he had to turn his back on riches in the pursuit of his weapon. To obtain his silver and gold Mystic Armour, he had to defeat the Rock Wolf of Temra. To don his armour, he calls "Earth beneath me!".

Name: Ivar

Race: Redguard

Gender: Male

Appearance: dark skin, 6ft, long black dreadlock, blue eyes, 145 lbs, Brittish accent

Age: 21

Apparel: collage robes, leather boots, leather braces leather helmet, mystic Armour of Water (Water breathing)

Weapons: Trident of waves (Golden trident that can spray ice)

Major Skills: speech, acrobatics, pole-arm

Minor Skills: one handed, heavy armour, magic

Powers: "Water around me!" (gains mystic armour of water)

Spells: Respite, Frost-bite

Bio: Prince Ivar is from a distant land, he arrived on the shores of E'olas in pursuit of a thief who stole a valued treasure from his homeland called the sacred silver chalice. Ivar first encountered Draganta and Angus when the they were on a quest to find the fairy ring. True to Cathbad's prophecy, a stranger (Ivar) led them to the fairy ring, which in turn allowed them passage into the mystical realm of Tir Na Nóg. While it was Angus' trickery that first caused the foreign prince to join in the quest, it was his sense of honor that kept him in Kells. Draganta had saved his life, and in order to repay the debt, Ivar swore his allegiance to Draganta.

To obtain his blue and gold Armor, he had to defeat the Sea Serpent of Temra. To don his armor, he shouts "Water around me!". Ivar is loyal to his friends, but can be distracted by his search for the stolen chalice, often to his own detriment.

Name: Gavin

Race: half Imperial half wood elf

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: Caucasian, Blonde hair, green eye 5"10, 140 lbs

Spells: Heal wounds

Powers: animal control, "Forest before me!" (gains Mystic armour of Forest

Equipment: Twin timber axes (twin steel war axes, when crossed they fire a blast of green energy that deals 2 damage per shot), Mystic armour of Forest, white tunic, green pants leather boots, leather gloves, leather helmet

Faction: Mystic knights of Tir na nog

Role in Faction: Support

Bio: Gavin is the prince and heir to the throne of Reged, an ally nation of the Kingdom of E'olas. In order to establish a union between both nations, the two kings made a pact that their heirs would marry, and unite the kingdoms. Ariya wasn't aware of her betrothal until the day the prince stepped into the palace. His attitude earned him the immediate dislike of the other Mystic Knights. Once the prince was alone, Garret fell into a trap by set by Queen Maeve who magically turned him against the knights. Later healed by Cathbad the Druid, Gavin joined the Mystic Knights as backup.