Name: Sir Hung Tethras The Gluttonous

Race: Imperial (Dwarf)

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Appearance: Caucasian, 4 feet 10 inches, Medium brown hair, small brown beard, brown eyes, 169 lbs

Class: Warrior

Powers: Berserker rage

Weapons: Duel steel swords, Crossbow

Apparel: Chainmail armour, Fine boots, Leather pants, leather helmet

Spells: N/A

Bio: Hung was born with a disability know as Dwarfism. Although his is a member of the Tethras family, one of the richest noble families in all of Tamriel he was cut off due to his love for adventuring. Hung is an impassioned smoker of cannabis, and due to this he hardly ever gets angry (except when people "harsh is vibe"). He is quite fond of giving his friends nick-names such as calling Del'an "Meanie Greenie" Due to his love of nature.