A long time in a land long forgotten evil forces ruled this land for a powerful demon controlled all that is until a great and noble knight challenged the demon and sent him back to his realm but at a cost….his soul was sent to the spirtlands never to return unless his talazar [the sword he used to kill the demon] was found so he could return to the mortal realm….. 5000 years later the world has carried on as it always has done but a sinister force wants to summon the demon so he can bring the world back to its “pure” form.

A child runs down the street, birds chirp and tweet in the treetops as a man of about 20 walks down the road as people walking and horse-drawn carts pass him on the way to the market place, when he got there he went up to the fisherman who is a goblin and asked “good morning Smukk, may I have some eel please?”  “Eel...OH… snake-fish.” Smukk replied, Smukk grabs a small sack of dead eels and give it to the young man how hands him a small bag of gold coins “Goodbye, Eli.” Said Smukk as Eli waved goodbye to him, on the way back to Eli’s shack he passes a preacher on the road. “Ye all shall be killed by the mighty destroyer, help us by becoming a holy paladin and you too can save The World just as saint Gadavok did when he killed the demon 5000 years ago.” Said the preacher “….Gadavok?” said Eli as he sees a vision of saint Gadavok slaying the demon but then snaps out of it. “You child, will you join?” asked the preacher “um….Okay, where I sign up?”Asked Eli “Follow me.” Said the preacher as the pair started to walk out of the city. At night in the forest, Eli and the prophet were travelling to the sunspire monastery when they heard screaming coming from the left so they both went to investigate but when they got there they saw a young women being attacked by bandits Eli used his Morag-tai the defeat the bandits, after they were killed he grasps her hand and pulls her to her feet “Are you all right?”Asked Eli she nods and confirms she is okay, Eli turns around to speak to the prophet but he is gone. “Excuse me….. But will you be kind enough to escort me home?” asked the mysterious women. Eli nods, and the duo strolls towards her home. It grew dark quickly, Eli took of the back pack he wore and unrolled a bed roll and got a tinder box from his pocket and lit a piece of wood so the pair could be warm, “what would you like to eat miss?” Eli questioned “oh…I’m not hungry.” Replied the women “so…what is your name?” he wondered, “I’m Alexia.” She replied. Alexia sat at the camp fire staring quizzically at him “the way you look at me….what is that... I’m trying to think of a better word then dread.” “I don’t know what you mean.” “Fine let’s drop it then, goodnight alexia.” He said as he fell asleep. In the morning Eli woke up and said “*yawn* ugh…..morning.” said Eli rubbing his eyes “you slept like a rock last night Eli.” She replied as alexia hands him a plate of venison “were did this come from?” asked Eli “from your bag.” “Well let’s get going.” Said Eli as he started the pack up the camp site, after they had finished packing up the they set out for Alexia’s home, Eli looked for Alexia, and sees her undressing and backed away out of embarrassment and waits for her to finish. 5 minutes later she emerges from the bushes wearing a Scarlett singlet and a knee high skirt “wow alexia you look…..ugh…uh, let’s go.” Said Eli nervously; as they start to walk out of the woods she cringes as she sees sun light “are you okay?” said Eli “yeah I’m fine.” said Alexia Deceitfully  as Eli wrapped his clock around her and she blushes “c’mon lets go.” Said Eli, when they got to their destination they see a small row boat and Eli helps her into it and starts to row, 10 minutes later the boat reached an island with a gargantuan castle, Eli gets out of the boat and is shocked by the sheer size of the castle, as they walk up the long stone bridge Alexia says “hey, before we go in there I have to tell you something…..”. “What is it Lex?” asked Eli “oh….it’s nothing” said Alexia, the pair continued up the bridge but stoped when they reached the castle’s portcullis “Watchman let us in.” said Alexia “of course my lady.” Said the watchman as he bowed, the watchman pulled a lever and the portcullis rose up and Alexia and Eli

entered the main hall of the castle Alexia removed the hood from her head reviling her glowing orange eyes and her slightly braded shoulder length brown “how dear you trespass here!....oh my sorry my lady.” said an attendant “EVERYONE, EVERYONE LADY ALEXIA HAS REATURNED!” exclaimed the attendant as both Eli and Alexia walk down the small staircase in to the grand hall, Eli spies a vampire eating a man lying on a table. “Alexia, who is this…this mortal?” said lord Gadaron “he’s my savour he rescued Me.” Replied Alexia “you there, boy stop skulking in the shadows and step forward.” Said lord Gadaron as Eli walked towards him “for saving my daughter you have my gratitude but there is one thing equal to my daughters save return…my blood….be still.” Said Gadaron as he bites his neck, “AAAAAHHHH!” screamed Eli as he falls to his knees, and spits up blood, as his vision fades and he slips into a deep sleep.