So yes The Elder Scrolls Online has been confirmed and will be released sometime in 2013. This game will be a huge leap for Bethesda's series and one of the greatest achievments for Zenimax Online.

First off i would just like to say i hope everyone will be purchasing this game regardless of whether it comes to console or not. And for those who would be "thrown to the curb" were this to happen, unfortunately not much could be done, but maybe we can make a difference beforehand. To have only a portion of The Elder Scrolls following able to play their first ever MMO would be a low blow to the series console players. I don't think anyone wants a fellow lover of this fantastic series to be deprived of a game that has the potential to be one of the greatest creations ever. And that is not hyperbole, Bethesda has some of the top games EVER associated with their name, and if their outstanding and legendary RPG's can be properly roled into an MMO setting by Zenimax Online then we all could be on the threshold of something beyond extaordinary.

That being said, no one should miss out, so whatever can be done should be done in order to bring such a game to console as well. Any suggestions on how do contribute to this goal would be appreciated. But, my advice is to simply write a letter, send an e-mail, tweet something or whatever. Just let the game designers know what the situation is. The fact that Zenimax Online is considering it already is a huge start and there's still a lot of time left. So, let them know you (the fans and consumers) want it for console. Obviously this doesn't guarentee anything but it can't hurt. I would hope that i don't have to go into how to constrct a respectful request to be sent to Zenimax Online so i won't. Even messaging Bethesda about the issue couldn't hurt, although they are not designing the game, it is THEIR series and they have listened to the fans before and genuinely care about what we want. I'm optimistic about the fact that Besthesda could influence Zenimax Online to bring ESO to console. We all have seen the results of Bethesda's same actions: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, yeah and New Vegas. Now obviously the games pre-dating the ones just mentioned were already RPG's and were not turned into MMO's, but they are still worth mentioning. More specifically and recently, games such as Final Fantasy and DC Unvierse Online came to console and have enjoyed decent success. So, to say that bringing an MMO to console can't or should never be done is an irrelevant argument and is already void of meaning.

With Bethesda's confirmed success of console and PC based games i see no reason why Zenimax would go against the decision. The information concerning Zenimax's console dilemma has already been confirmed on this very Wiki within other blogs. So, if they are considering it, that must mean that it is easily within the realm of possibilty to do so. Whatever the drawbacks are, by letting the designers know that The Elder Scrolls console following wants ESO badly, we can't be ignored for long, with enough support.