Ok, so this blog may seem pretty out there, but if anyone could bear with me and provide the information i'm looking for it would be greatly appreciated.

So a while back there was an elder scroll game that was released, called The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey. Specifically i would like any and all information on "Shadow Magic" that apparently is a large part of the game. Personally, i have never played this game, nor do i fully understand the plot, i have only read on this game from the very limited amount of information on this wiki, and on some others. From what i've researched i believe that i understand "what" Shadow magic is but not exactly "how" it is used. I know that it involves literal shadows, but not as they are generally understood. Shadows aren't something strange or out of the ordinary and are basically just the absence of light in an area taking the shape of whatever obstructs the light. However, this Shadow Magic holds to the belief that "shadows" are actually the reflections of other realms or realities of existence for the specific object creating the shadow. And apparently these everyday, mundane occurances (being the shadows) can be manipulated and controlled by "shadowmages" who are very rare in the magic community. This is about where my knowledge on the subject ends.. as i said, i believe i have grasped the basic understanding for what the magic school uses but not how they do it. Do they literally manipulate the visable shadow and control it in that fashion? Do the users of shadow magic learn how to simply draw power from the alternate realities within the shadow? I really don't know. But i have read, whether it be exaggeration or not, that this obscure type of magic is feared for its immense power and applications, and possibly could even rival the power of the Elder Scrolls themselves in terms of the ability to affect all possible past, present, and future outcomes of any one or more person(s), place(s), or thing(s).

So, any info at all on Shadow Magic would be well appreciated. Even if this is as far as information from the actual game goes, any theories or even insight into the concept of alternate realities and how a shadow could hold them, would be great. Philiosphical or not i ask for help understanding this odd form of Elder Scrolls magic. It might seem irrelevant, but, in my opinion, the different forms of magic are one of the most appealing factors of this game series and i have personally researched all of the other schools and understood them (more or less) until i found this one.

-Thank you