So... just some thoughts on future DLC options.

I've been dying for anything new involving Akavir and its inhabitants, so maybe it's just me but there seems to be a possible setup for the Akaviri.

First off, just looking at the past games, there has been a slow increase in information about the Akaviri species and their significance to Tamriel. We learn from the Blades what their weapons and armor could possibly look like and that the Blades, along with the imperials empire, were largely influenced by the Tsaesci . The empire even was ruled by Tsaesci for a long span of time, and even though most inhabitants of Tamriel either don't know this or care, it means at least one species knows some about Tamriel already. But, just because they invaded before doesn't mean they will again.. or thats what was thought for a while. Since Oblivion we've been informed that, at the very least, the Ka'Po'Tun wish to eliminate the Tsaesci and then invade Tamriel. This was stated 200 years prior to Skyrim and who knows what has happened since then. Although this can't technically be proven, it makes sense due to Akavir's long history of the invasion of Tamriel and their species aggressiveness. Anyway the real question is, would it make sese to have the Akavir inavade Tamriel? The answer is YES, but why? Well, for the reasons alreasy stated and also because of some good old history/lore.

As we've seen in Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls foretold of the dragons return (dragons originally came from Akavir) who are lead by Alduin. The dragons have a long and violent history with the Akaviri. As is stated in some Akaviri lore, the Tsaesci "ate" all the dragons, on top of them being previously enslaved and used in war between the tiger-dragons and serpent-men. Now, to believe it was easy for any species Akaviri or not, to enslave the dragons and then drive them to extinction is no simple task by any means. This was similar to what happened to the dragons in Tamriel, but the mortals began to learn how to use the thu'um against the dragons, giving them an edge. Adding Paarthurnax, the one who taught them and a dragon second in standing only to Alduin, to the humans side and you give them a larger chance for success. It obviously took thousands of years for dragons to become virtually extinct but their own powers were being used against them. We can't say whether something similar happened in Akavir or not, but so far it seems unlikely that any of its inhabitants learned the thu'um to use against the dragons. Which means they forced the dragons into slavery (something that Tamrielians couldn't do) and then slaughtered the entire species. Again, we have no time table for these events, but it would seem as if it didnt take the thousands of years as it did for the denizens of Tamriel and in fact probably far less time. Either way, they likely haven't forgot about the dragons and would either want to eradicate them again (at least the Tsaesci would) or enslave them again for labor and mounts. Being such a powerful group of races, it doesnt seem impossible for them to somehow detect the dragons return, either through magic or other means possibly aquired from dragons of old. This history, on top of the already present wish to invade Tamriel, give just about all the nations of Akavir reason to do so.

If this is true, or somewhat true, then could the events of The Elder Scrolls so far have actually been leading up to a real, mass invasion of Tamriel? When everything is put together is seems possible. The events of the previous Elder Scrolls games have been documented on Alduin's Wall, where we can see references to the Staff of Chaos, Numidium, Red Mountain, Oblivion gates, and the Skyrim civil war. These all were the main points from previous disasters throughout Tamriel, and when fulfilled the dragons would return to the world. This certainly happened, but now what? The events of Skyrim have rendered Alduin no longer a threat, but dragons are still alive and well, most likely being here to stay. Was that really it? All the major events of prophecy just so a god-dragon can almost get a chance to destory the world? I would hope not. Which is why it makes perfect sense for the Akavir to invade now.

I mean really, what better chance strategically would they have? The dragons have returned, thats a major distraction. The Empire and Aldmeri Dominion are constantly at odds, and now Skyrim natives are fighting the elves and the Empire. It seems almost too easy for a nation from Akavir to launch an attack and cripple all Tamriels powers. We have seen in-game from Skyrim that models for the land of Morrowind and Cyrodiil exist. Akavir is east of Morrowind, meaning that's where an invasion would most likely occur. Making it even more amazingly perfect for the Akavir is the fact that the island of Vvanderfall was destroyed by the eruption of Red Mountain and that the Dunmer were driven out by the Argonians. Morrowind is in disarray while the rest of Tamriel is either at war or going to suffer because of war. So who's to say the Akaviri won't decide to inavade Morrowind, and in doing so quickly rout any Argonian resistence and push through to Cyrodiil? I for one would find it immensely entertaining fighting off an army of snake-men in order to defend the Imperial City in a fight hopefully so intense that there would be no been-here-done-that attitude, just a "this seems famililar" type of thing.

If a DLC ends up being about Akavir, honestly i don't think it matters what happens as long as something happens. Other DLC's can come later to clear things up and finish stories. And obviously this has all been speculation supported by some facts, nothing concrete.

But really just give us something about Akavir!!!