Well... If you didn't guess by the title, it's me. 

So it's been quite some time, months in fact, since I last was here. As some of you may know, I was (and techinacally still am) a member of SOAF, the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces. We did a training run in the hills, which, no surprise, was hard, and that lasted about a month. When I came back, my mother had been complaining of problems with her stomach, and so we decided it was best to finally go through with what we had been planning for awhile; moving to America, where I had lived for many years before. We did, and after a long and expensive time of moving, we're back to where I had lived for many years, Missouri. I've got new work as a truck driver, and my mother and brother have their own home in Kansas City while me and my wife, live in the suburbs around it. My mother's all cleared up now, but we plan on living here for awhile before heading back home. The only reason I'd leave right now is if Oman got called into war, but luckily, the likelihood of that happening is decreasing. 

tl;dr, I'm back but it'll problably take me awhile to get used to doing edits again and getting back to work. I'm going to pick up my old works a piece at a time, so forgive me if my activity will likely be low for awhile. 

So... Anyone want to update me on what's happened while I've been gone?