Friends, I'd like to talk seriously for a moment. 

As some of you may know, I live in Oman, just south of Saudi Arabia and east of Yemen. Not far to the north is Iraq and Syria, where the extremist group ISIL is tearing up the land and commiting genocide on a scale not seen in many years. Yesterday, President Obama of the United States gave his state of the union adress. This normally wouldn't be a big deal here, but one of the things he brought up was opening the possibility of an earnest ground-attack on the group. Normally, I'd be cheering them on. These people are monsters, who have killed thousands and demonized an entire religion in the eyes of those who don't want to see past what these people have to say. But there is one thing which may affect me personally. The United States has done talks with the governments of the Arabian Penninsular states, including Oman, and while there is still some debate, there is a good chance Oman would join in on the fight. I am a member of the Omani National Reserves, and therefore I would likely go with them. I don't know the exact statistics of the chances of my survival, but they aren't good. 

I'd be more than happy to fight ISIL today, as I hate them with an unbeilivable passion for their brutality and disrespect in founding their false Caliphate. But, I have a family too, and they are my priority. However, if my government calls me to war, I won't hesitate to answer, to protect them and defend my homeland. Of course, in that event, I would disappear from the internet altogether. I know I'm not an admin or really anyone of importance here, but still I'd like to make it known beforehand if I should happen to leave without warning. For now though, I will continue as I have, I will edit, I will RP (on the RP wiki of course), and I will use chat, because I enjoy all of these things. But as I said, just know that if war does happen between the U.S. and ISIL, Oman may not be far behind. 

I hate to darken the mood even more than it already is, what with three admins leaving at once and the already prevelent lack of activity, but I felt like it was worth saying. Joining Wikipedia and Wikia are two of the best choices on the internet I've ever made, I think, as its brought me to speak with some very intelligent people and really make a differance, and for that, I own the community a great thanks.