It had been three weeks since I had obtained Krosis. It sits upon my endtable in my house, but Nahkriin stayed on my person. It had to. There may or may not be a connection between all of those masks.

In my journey to Winterhold's College, I was approached by Savos Aren, its Arch-Mage. He asked of me to either show some magical prowess, or leave. I did him one better. Pulling out Nahkriin, I explained to him that I could in fact use magic, but not very well without the mask.

"So there are others," he said to me. "I have a task for you." He pulled a giant object from his inventory and handed it to me. "Open the Labrynthian. In there is an old enemy that I need you to...get rid of."

"What's in it for me?" I asked him. "I suppose that you've never heard of Morokei, the dragon priest," he began. "He has a mask just like yours."

So these things were Dragon priests? Now I had a clue on what these things were. Even still, I thought to myself for a bit. Who exactly is this? The other holders of the masks were ancient looking. But I needed another mask, and I don't really give a damn aboutso I decided to take on this quest.

"Please consider it," Aren pleaded. "It'd bring me great relief to know that this wizard is dealt with."

"Consider it done," I said, walking away. I ran to the large walkway leading into the college and vaulted.


My Dragon and I flew off into Skyrim's wintry skies, straight to Labyrinthian. I had to point it out to him because I had been there before. Sadly, I almost became Frost Troll dinner that day, but I had always wondered what that huge door was for...

As I put the item on the door, I heard a hiss. I went inside and continued through the dungeon.

Hours and hours went into killing Restless Draugr and evading primitive booby traps. On a few occasions I found myself talking to Azura. We caught up, talked about who was going to win the war; but she denied me guidance through the Labyrinthian. Being friends with a Daedra wasn't as rewarding as one would think.

I got to big iron doors and paused. Nahkriin was burning my face. I was close to another dragon priest mask. I was close to Morokei. I pushed open the doors and saw three ghostly mages containing an entity in a stasis. I knew what the being was. Now I needed to release him.

I took my bow from my back and shot at one of the ghosts. I missed, and they all got my attention. Now that they were no longer focused on the stasis, it weakened and Morokei rose from its sleep.

He was not a morning person. With one angry bellow, he sent a pulse of pure energy toward us. I hid behind debris while I watched the other mages turn to ash. I put my bbow away and unsheathed my dwarven sword. I was going to take his head and mount it on my wall.

I leapt from my hiding place and shot an intense fireball, missing horribly. Morokei got a lock on my location from that and an arc of lightning flew past my head, making my ears ring. I decided to retaliate.



The blast knocked the staff from his hand, allowing me to get in close with my blade. I acquainted my sword with his left arm, and with a firm downward motion, I severed it.

Morokei did not like this, as an arc of lightning pierced my chest. I went down, not dead. I knew I wasn't going to die. Morokei wasn't strong enough to kill me. I stood, not being able to catch my breath. He floated toward me with one had in fury.

"That's it. Bring that ass here, boy..." I taunted, waithing for him to come into close proximity. During this time I charged my sword with a small soul gem, and raised my weapon above my head.

"'s time to roast!!"

I brought my sword down wuith all my might. A trail of bright orange flame followed the Dwarven sword as it split Morokei unevenly in half. He went down, disintegrating in an ash pile, leaving only the mask. I saw it and laughed.

Then I collapsed right where I was.