I was serious now. No screwing around. There were obviously more than 5 of these masks, and they must've known each other before they got iced. After wandering around the Volskygge area, I felt a terrible presence atop the dungeon. I figured that there was only one way up there; but after looking closely at a dirt beaten path, I was wrong. I followed the path and unsheathed my Dawrven Sword. If it was what I think it is, then I'll be ready to take its mask.

Atop the ruin, I saw a strange wall with etchings on it. It was probably the Dragon Alphabet, but that didn't mean anything to me. It's not like I'm the Dragonborn or anything. I examined the stone wall a little longer when I felt a cold wind on the nape of my neck. It phased past my hood concealing my mask, so I knew that it was an evil presence, not just a wind.

With a mighty swing of my sword, I turned and unleashed firey hell upon whatever was behind me. A orange trail of fire blazed across the neck of a Dragon Preist, severing its head from its body.

I looked at the being in horror. I killed it that easily?!

After pondering what the hell that was all about, I took up the mask and left. I guess that's what you get for running up on a Redguard.

POST NOTE: I kid you not, I killed Volsung with virtually four swings of an ebony blade. That was the most depressing DP battle I've ever fought in my life. No joke.

Nahkriin (talk) 20:28, February 4, 2015 (UTC)