Will The Elder Scrolls online single player be a success? Well, I don't know, as Bethesda has been spending a lot of time on working on the multiplayer to make the server capable of allowing millions of users to play on it at a time.  Is it really worth 70 dollars? Here are some of my doubts:

  1. The Multiplayer...Honestly, I don't really picture Bethesda being a World of Warcraft wannabe, but apparently, that's what's happening.  Why didn't they just make a regular game that covers the whole of Tamriel, you know what I mean? Also, from all the time they've spent on the multiplayer, single player will probably be laggy, glitchy, and other things like that.
  2. The Graphics...The graphics are little better than Morrowind's graphics.  When a new Elder Scrolls game comes out, one would expect the graphics to be better than the previous game.  Obviously not with this one.