(This post is for info about the Nelthar family I use in RP's... People seem to geet it wrong :p)

The very first bearer of the name was called Ultima Nelthar, In life he worked in the shadows and destroyed many an empire in his time. The empires were quickly erased from history along with his own name. How he managfed to do this is Unknown, In death he is worshipped by the Nelthars who say he is a god.

Founder: Ultima (II) Nelthar(deceased)

Current Head: Naritin Nelthar

The Nelthar clan is a Powerful and Rich family, made up of almost every race in Nirn. The Nelthar clan is extremely mysterious, no one outside of the Nelthars know exactly where their hideout is but there are vague records of Nelthars disappearing near Skingrad to appear only days later in the same location.

The Nelthars make occasional visits to important people, like Jarls, Kings and other leaders or people of great power. Usually it's in order to secure connections outside Cyrodiil but the Nelthars always disappear later on, the longest recording of Nelthar activity is one year by their leader: Nait Nelthar traveling throughout hammerfell.

Many Nelthars have been confronted but only Nait has revealed any details whatsoever his words were as follows:

"Well my Family.

The Nelthars, come mostly from Cyrodiil. Altough we all are not related by blood we still treat each others as such. The Nelthar's were formed long ago by one of my Ancestor.

His name was "Ultima the 2nd" he gathered powerful warriors from Tamriel, Akavir, Atmora and Yokuda...

He gathered them in Cyrodiil where they created a headquarters of sorts. But over the years our numbers Diminished and we faded form history..."

The Nelthars first appeared during the 2nd era year 20 when it was first founded by "Ultima the second" a powerful human, known to be able to bring down great mountains. It reappeared through the 3rd era before it vanished again during the oblivion crisis, then they reappeared again in the 4th era right after the dragon crisis. making the Nelthar clan exactly 1368 years old in 4th era 201 interestingly enough this would make their eldest member praiyso almost 4500 years old.

People with confirmed Nelthar origins are as follows (after Time confirmed):

  • Ultima Nelthar (Alive)
  • Praiyso Nelthar (Alive)
  • Ultima (II) Nelthar (Deceased)
  • Nait Nelthar (Deceased)
  • Volkarion Nelthar (Alive)
  • Nilya Nelthar (Alive)
  • Tireys Nelthar (Alive)
  • Vorkhan Nelthar (Leader of Dreadguard)(Alive)
  • Berzin Nelthar (Deceased)
  • Chaid Nelthar (Alive)
  • Rysaan Nelthar (Alive)
  • Naritin Nelthar (Alive)
  • Tolinai Nelthar (Alive)
  • Alis Nelthar (Alive)
  • Nereza Nelthar (Alive)
  • Rothor Nelthar (Alive)
  • Velry Nelthar (Alive)
  • Solas Nelthar (Alive)
  • Voceroth Nelthar (Alive, kinda)
  • Nox Nelthar (Alive)
  • Naerion Nelthar (Alive)