Allright so here is the Rules for other kinds of RP's...

Most of these rules should not need to be stated, but not everyone have RP'ed as much as I have...

1. Your character is Protected from Death, He/she can only be killed if you allow it. However wounds may be inflicted, but they can always be healed(Meaning you cannot cut off a part of someones body.)

2. OP actions wil not be tolerated, This icludes killing multiple characters not letting anyone retaliate in any way, or make major changes to the plot in a single post.

3. METAgaming shall never be tolerated under any circumstances whatsoever... META is when you break a rule but continue playing, ignoring rules to make you more powerful than everyone else, Or having your character know things that he or she is not meant to know. A METAgmaers post shall always be deleted Immediately.


(^ These 3 rulles are absolute in RP ^)

(v rules that may be altered under certain circumstances are as follows. v)


4. Restrictions on how your character is supposed to be.

5. If you can take minor control or no control of another persons characters.

6. If you can start out with powerful gear or if it must be gianed through RP.

7. Exceeding the normal maximum of 4 characters.

8. Altering lore.

9. Forcing other characters to do something.

10. Incapacitating other characters.