After Camsien's death, I didn't know what to do. I took work where I could, serving in the houses of the nobles, always trying to get ahead. It was during this time that I met Meranda. She was a well-liked servant in the home of the most wealthy and renowned family. The clan is led by the Emperor and High Priest of Akatosh, Alexander Dominus II. Meranda was a sweet, generous, and selfless person. We became very close in our time together, and she talked of romance and settling down. But I was a restless soul in my youth, always trying for more, looking to the horizon. I could never stay in one place for too long. There was a certain ability that I was coming to notice I had. If I was in close proximity to anyone, their hearts would speak to me. Telling me their intentions, dreams, and ambitions. Upon hearing Meranda, I almost stayed and married her, but my nature won out. After 6 months I left the home of Dominus and traveled to Bravil. There, I became a sailor. I first got low-level jobs, working on small trade ships. Then, I was drawn to the higher pay of mercenary ships. The first privateer ship I served on was the Castello, full of mostly drunken louts who could care less about anything. One day as we were making a trip in the bay, a terrible storm hit and knocked our captain overboard. With no one to lead the ship we were practically doomed. Then one of the few sober sailors took the wheel. A Nord by the name of Brail barked orders and safely navigated us back to port.