Introduction (Pt. 1)

In the Imperial City, in the newly expanded Temple of the One, Cyrodiil is claiming religious favor of the gods. The land is changed, each nation claiming they have a truer connection with the gods. War soon breaks out. The Holy War. Summerset Isles fight underneath the banner of Auri-El. Valenwood under Y'ffre. Elsweyr follows their depiction of Alkosh, a giant cat. The bretons fight for their unique pantheon that includes some Aldmeri gods. The Dunmer believe in the Tribunal, chiefly Azura, but some also hold Mara dear. The redguards of Hammerfell charge in with the banners of Satakal and Ruptga. The Nords have brought back Shor, and fight for him and Kynareth. Argonians have returned Black Marsh to the name Argonia, and are stating that the Hist are superior. The Imperials think themselves the chosen people of Akatosh, and because of this have the favor of the other gods as well. You were born into this madness, now it's time to ask yourself, what is it you believe?

The year is 4E 301, and the guilds have been torn apart by raging battles on all sides of the conflict. No one knows what has become of the Blades. The Empire of Cyrodiil is now ruled by the High Priest of Akatosh, Alexander Dominus II. 

My name is Marcus Flavius Aquila. I am an Imperial, born in the Imperial City. I was not a noble, my parents fought in the war and only saw them occasionally. My father's servant, Camsien, raised me. No matter the situation, he always stressed mind over matter, that any situation could be improved. Even in tough times, when we could barely afford food after the taxes levied against the nation for the war, he always made me study. History mostly. "The key to making a better future is to not repeat the mistakes of the past," he always said. Camsien died of old age, in his sleep, when I was 17.