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  • I live in In Elsweyr
  • My occupation is student at my school
  • I am female
  • Netanya191995

    She was born in Daggerfall to her parents Astien and Amarie Lorin. She was the only child, but her two cousins lived with them, Jeanele and Dabien Valnne. Growning up in Daggerfall was hard for them since they did not have a lot of gold. But they somehow made due, and got past their dark days. When she was but a mere 15 years of age, she left them to go to Skyrim,having taught herself a little bit of how to control her flames. Her parents had been proud of her as had her cousins,who had found their own talents. 

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  • Netanya191995

    Background Info.

    October 29, 2015 by Netanya191995

    Skyrim: Breton named Jada(pronouced Sha-da,though the J sounds more like a Z.),is dark skinned unlike your average Breton,has I think brown eyes, and light brown hair. Is a Mage in the works.

    Location: Currently at Whiterun

    Creature: None

    Item: daggers

    Ingredient:Sold them


    Spells:Lighting,Flames,Fire Rune, Oakflesh,Fury,Frostbite,and Magelight

    Quest: Mage Quest

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