Hi guys its me Scarecrow,

My favorite class from all the elder scrolls series has been the soldier archetype, a mostly balanced warrior with a little more health than stamina. I was wondering what is the best soldier archetype in your opinions. Mine has always been wielding a one handed weapon and shield. Sometimes I like switching to a two handed weapon but the lack of a strong block and no shield (which look very well designed in my opionion) turn me off from using that much. I was wondering how much you use the bow as your tool and if there is a soldier style archetype that is just straight bow that is viable. feel free to respond back with any help and opionions on your builds as any feedback always greatly helps me and as I said this is by far my favorite type of character to use, also always a Nord. Im Norweigian in real life so I love that little role-playing type aspect of it even though I am not into it all the way. I would love to hear what race, weapon, shield, and anything else others use but my build across all games is always this.

Race: Nord, Archetype: Soldier (similiar to warrior in respects) Sword (one handed), Shield, and a light usage of the bow to start the aggro off or to get a good amount of damage from the sneak bonus. My skills are mostly in Alchemy, Shield (skyrim), one handed of any kind, including blunt, axes, etc., small amount of archery, and a good balance of health and stamina normally 60/40%.

Thanks everyone and would love the input also this is my first blog post so any help on improving my blogs would also help me. Thank you again everyone and mentors!