Ok skyrim is definatally the best game i have ever played, but there is one thing that is making me so angry it is a glitch in th elder knowledge quest. I originally explored skyrim after i fineshed the first few main quests, i went around doing all the small quests for random people, i found septimus signus early on and did his quest where i transcribed the lexicon in the tower of marsk. after i finshed collecting the blood and in term the quest i continued on doing the small quests. After i compleated alot of hours of gameplay i decided to continue the main quest line. it was smooth sailing until elder knowledge. i went to the collage of winterhold and tried to talk to Urag gro-Shub about the elder scroll and he gave me no options to talk about the scroll i tried all speech paths. so now i realized that i needed to talk to septimus signus but he is dead in my game and my lexicon is now ruined. soooo i have been spending all hours searching everywhere including blackreach looking for another lexicon but i havent found any! if anyone knows the location of a second lexicon please tell me so we can get this info out to the community. if there isnt another lexicon then man i really hope skyrims producers come out with an update patch. im playing on xbox 360 but i think this might be happining on all platforms. Please post all known info on this topic.