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  • NotXigris

    Alchemy for the Assassin

    August 28, 2012 by NotXigris

    Shadowstep's Guide for the Hidden - Alchemy for the Assassin

    Recently on my quest to master the art of the Assassin, I have been trying to delve further into the arts of Alchemy and it's benefits.

    Although creating Potions is useful (the Potion of Invisibility great for a tight situation) I happen to find myself drawn more toward the Poisons. Maybe it's because I happen to use them more frequently, or more likely, I like to kill; and kill effeciently at that. I find some sort of satisfaction from watching my victims stuggle for breath, or fall paralzyed off the side of a steep cliff, never knowing where the little arrow in their back came from.

    I'm going to assume that most fellow Assassins and Nightblades get into alchemy for the benefits of P…

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  • NotXigris

    Character Backstory

    June 25, 2012 by NotXigris

    This is the backstory of my character, that I have been using since Morrowind.

    In the year 4E 157, he was born into the life of a farmer, on his father's saltrice feilds in Imperial controlled Elsweyr. His life was peaceful for the most part, until his father, Ra'zhar, had fallen on hard times. His father had been failing to sell any of his saltrice at the market for almost a year, and he feared he would go hungry, so he had made a deal with some local slave traders. The slavers came for the 8 year old Khajiit, took him, and gave his father 900 coins. His father would live well for the following years, until the Great War only 5 years later where he would be slain by Dominion forces.

    The slave trade syndicate in that part of northern Elswery…

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  • NotXigris

    While some people were slightly upset by the developers decisions to do away with Attributes like Strength and Speed and only focus on skills, I was not. It worked out fine, and the only time I ever payed attention to those is when I was intentionally breaking the game. Many other decisions were made to change Skyrim's system and differentiate with it's predecessors, and I was perfectly happy with all said decisions made.

    However! There is only one, that I will never let go... Acrobatics! In Morrowind and Oblivion, out of all the countless skills thrown into those games, that was the most awesome skill of them all! I couldn't tell you how much joy this had brought me when I was carefully leaping from spot to spot in the shadows, setting up …

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