Shadowstep's Guide for the Hidden - Alchemy for the Assassin

Recently on my quest to master the art of the Assassin, I have been trying to delve further into the arts of Alchemy and it's benefits.

Although creating Potions is useful (the Potion of Invisibility great for a tight situation) I happen to find myself drawn more toward the Poisons. Maybe it's because I happen to use them more frequently, or more likely, I like to kill; and kill effeciently at that. I find some sort of satisfaction from watching my victims stuggle for breath, or fall paralzyed off the side of a steep cliff, never knowing where the little arrow in their back came from.

I'm going to assume that most fellow Assassins and Nightblades get into alchemy for the benefits of Poisons as well, so I have made this list of recipes that I have found most practical to a friend of the shadows.

NOTE: This list doesn't include any Dawnguard ingredients and my character has a number of perks that increase the effectiveness of these Posions. To make it easier, the results posted below are the bare effectiveness, and any perks you have will increase them dramatically.

Shadowstep's Poison of Damage Health
Ingredient 1 Cyrodilic Spadetail

Ingredient 2

River Betty
Ingredient 3

Skeever Tail

Effects 22 points of Poison Damage & 9 points of Concentrated Poison Damage.

This one should be painfully obivious. It's one of my more common Poisons simply for the fact that the ingredients are very easy to find and pack deadly results. It's an extremely powerful Poison, and easy to make; I would stock pile these if I were you. You don't always have the time to savor the moment of the kill, sometimes you need to get them out of your way, fast.

Poison of Paralysis

Ingredient 1 Canis Root
Ingredient 2 Imp Stool
Ingredient 3 Orange Dartwing
Effects Paralyzed 4 seconds & 4 points of Poison Damage for 10 seconds.

It's pretty self explanitory, you get this Poison into their bloodstream, and they fall over like a wall of bricks. While it is a very comical Poison in which to watch your victims slide down a flight of stairs, but I suppouse it isn't very practical damage wise; compared to the one listed above. But still, there is a wonderful sentation about walking over and smothering your kill while they lay ridgid, helpless, and bleeding to death.

Poison of Frenzy
Ingredient 1 Blisterwort
Ingredient 2 Fly Amanita
Effects Creatures and People up to level 4 will attack anything for 10 seconds.

A disgustingly simple, yet effective Poison. The ingredients were chosen specifically to not harm the the recepiant, because Frenzy is very useful when trying to cause a distraction among a large group of prey. You see, if you let them pick each other off, one by one, then all the more simpler it will be to weed the weaker ones out.

Shadowstep's Poison of Fear
Ingredient 1 Cyrodilic Spadetail
Ingredient 2 Eye of Sabre Cat
Ingredient 3 Namira's Rot
Effects Creatures and People up to level 4 flee combat for 30 seconds & 8 Points of Concentrated Poison Damage .

This Poison is for that really big hammer flinging baffoon that has stumbled on you by accident. Once they start screaming and savagely swinging that heavy stick with all their might, it would be wise to coat your dagger in this Poison and stab that him inbetween the huge gaps in his armor, before he attracts anymore muscle bound morons. It should wound him a great deal, and if it doesn't kill him, it should make him sprint in the other direction.

DarthOrc's Poison of Slow
Ingredient 1 Chaurus Eggs
Ingredient 2 Deathbell
Ingredient 3 River Betty
Effects Target moves at 50% speed for 20 secs, *8% Weakness to Poison *, & 20 Poison Damage .
  • Apparently, DarthOrc had reported Weakness to Magic to these combination. However, my results were different* An effective Poison suggested by DarthOrc. It's Slow effect can definetly come in handy, when dealing with those who just wont sit still. For some odd reason, I hadn't even considered Poisons of Slow before. This opens up a new window of toxins for me to experiment with.

Those are the Poisons I've found the most potent and easily accesible in my journeys in Skyrim to learn the trade of the Hidden. I would hope that they prove useful, and I know I'll add to this list the more my understanding of Alchemy grows. Shadow hide you.