This is the backstory of my character, that I have been using since Morrowind.

In the year 4E 157, he was born into the life of a farmer, on his father's saltrice feilds in Imperial controlled Elsweyr. His life was peaceful for the most part, until his father, Ra'zhar, had fallen on hard times. His father had been failing to sell any of his saltrice at the market for almost a year, and he feared he would go hungry, so he had made a deal with some local slave traders. The slavers came for the 8 year old Khajiit, took him, and gave his father 900 coins. His father would live well for the following years, until the Great War only 5 years later where he would be slain by Dominion forces.

The slave trade syndicate in that part of northern Elswery and southern Morrowind had a certain way of breaking the slaves as you would a horse, so that they wouldn't be comprimised. The slavers had abused and tourtured the Khajiit child until he would follow their every word out of fear. He had even been stripped of his original name, which he still can't remember to this day. Once he had his Khajiiti customs beaten out of him, he been sold to a wealthy Imperial Baron in Cyrodill known as Lucret Varo, to work the wheat fields at his estate.

Slavery was of course considered illegal in Cyrodill at the time, but Varo could care less. Maxinal had continued to server the Baron with relentless and often brutal manual labor, He had grown up to be a strong young adult over the years, fearfully obedient and humble to the Baron. As a result, the Baron had grown fond of him, and even gave him a name. An Imperial name of course, "Maxinal". Although Varo had shown him a slight kindness, Maxinal secertly hated the Baron with a burning passion, that grew day by day.

Over the years, Maxinal had become the favorite "servant" in the esate. He even went as far as to give him his own quarters, and let him manage some of the Baron's paperwork, where he learned how to read and write. However, people that personally knew the Baron, such as his wife, business partners, and even a few of the other slaves were saying he had been treating Maxinal too well, as if to say, he had gone soft. When Baron Varo heard this, it hurt his pride, and he felt as if his reputation was at stake. Then rumors got around of his daughter alledgedly "fooling around with that Khajiit boy of yours,". So the Baron had him whipped, clubbed, and beaten until the flesh tore from his back. That was Maxinal's breaking point, and he could bare no more.

So one night, while the Baron was in a drunken blubbering state, he had gashed out his throat with a rusty cleaver from the kitchen.

Maxinal knew that he had to escape, before the nearby Imperial Guards found Lucret Varo drowning in a pool of Cyrodiilic Brandy and his own blood. So he ran. So he ran as far and fast as he could into the Blackwood marshes. He wandered in the rain and swamps for days, hungry, beaten, filled with hate and regret, trying to find anywhere that would take him in. Finally he had fallen apon a shrine of Nocturnal, and her followers had sheltered the young, bloodied Khajiit.

It was there that he had meet a master Nightblade and Assassian only known as Shadowstep. Shadowstep had saw potential in the troubled Maxinal, and had became his mentor in an art he called "The Hidden". Maxinal had spent three decades training in the ways of The Hidden, learning to stay with the shadows, and become impressively skilled in blades, archery, poisons, and the mystic realm of Nocturnal. Shadowstep even led him into Nocturnal's realm Evergloam as part of his final test to being a worker of The Hidden.

After becoming a master of The Hidden, and the mysterious disappearance of his mentor, Maxinal strived out on his own. He used his skills to become an expert Theif, Assassin, and any other job that came his way, now having strong ties in The Theives Guild and Dark Brotherhood. Now a days, he travels from province to province, seeing the world and working as a guide of The Hidden, switching on and off from the names Maxinal, his father's name Ra'zhar, and even sometimes going under the title Shadowstep. He has most recently been seeing the sights in Skyrim, as well as trying to get the guilds back on their feet.

(While you could consider Maxinal a Nightingale, he does not fancy himself as such. Although he has studied Nocturnal's shadowy ways closely, and is respected among the Theives Guild's secert inner circles, he resents swearing his life and soul to anything or anyone.)