So.. I recently had a Skyrim Weekend with a friend of mine where we played non-stop basically, and we both started a new character and I've yet to begin the MQ.. and I've been thinking a lot about it and sort of.. decided that I wouldn't start it any time soon.. xD

In any case I'd try and pretty much do most quests in Skyrim before actually jumping on that wagon.. then it came to me.. how long can I actually play before I -have- to start the MQ cause some quest says I have to slay a dragon?

I've done the Companions questline and such but I was wondering if I could maybe do both Thieves guild and The dark brotherhood questlines without actually having dragons swarming around...hmm.

I've found a spot with a dragon head without actually having dragons around and there was a fairly strong Hagraven xD but no dragon.. so yeah.. I'm a wee confused. But I'll probably figure it out soon enough. I have maaaaany quests yet to do so.. x_x