Hay guys

Go to this YouTube page:‎

It’s a live action video of a young female with a very beautiful voice, who sings , and the video is not cheesy. Go and listen to her and if you like or don't like her voice post a comment on this blog telling me why. She walks into a tavern and starts to sing the legend on the Dragonborn because she is a bard in the tavern and it brings everyone’s attention to her when she starts to sing it, this 4 min clip is made by professionals.

The female bard's name is Chiara Madonia.

I know some people have seen this video so if you have please keep it to yourself for the simple fact that i have asked what others think of this clip and the two singers voice's not if you have seen it before.


Nulkule (talk) 04:18, July 7, 2013 (UTC)