• OdRuvaak

    My DLC idea.

    April 23, 2012 by OdRuvaak

    I have a few DLC ideas. For now, I'd like to tell you all about my "Control" spell idea:

    • This spell will look almost just like a normal "Illusion spell," and will fall into that category.
    • It will be black. When it fires, your view will be as if you are it.
    • When it hits an enemy, you'll see in the POV of the enemy. Black energy will rim the screen.
    • If the enemy is too high of a level, you will return to the POV of your character.
    • You will be able to control the enemy and it's weapons. If you press the menu button (The one that displays items, skills, magic and the map) you will exit this perspective.
    • It's worth saying that you WILL still be vulnerable while using this mode. There is a perk that can prevent damage whilst using this.
    • Obviously, if you…
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  • OdRuvaak

    Favorite "Boss Battle?"

    February 29, 2012 by OdRuvaak

    You're walking a little bit north of Valtheim. All of a sudden a monstrous dragon sweeps above and lands on an icy throne, perched atop the mountians. You unsheathe your sword and prepare to investigate the mystifying creature. As you approach the world wall you realize three words. The dragon swoops upward and you run toward the word wall. You learn a new shout- fool. You can't wait to try it out... but then you hear a coffin open up behind you. You attempt to quickly turn around and are drenched with deadly fire. Quickly, you run to cover and load up on healing spells. You quickly lunge foward and take a few strikes on the Dragon Priest, inflicting major damage. It prepares a deadly fire ball and you bolt back for cover. Again, you heal …

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