You're walking a little bit north of Valtheim. All of a sudden a monstrous dragon sweeps above and lands on an icy throne, perched atop the mountians. You unsheathe your sword and prepare to investigate the mystifying creature. As you approach the world wall you realize three words. The dragon swoops upward and you run toward the word wall. You learn a new shout- fool. You can't wait to try it out... but then you hear a coffin open up behind you. You attempt to quickly turn around and are drenched with deadly fire. Quickly, you run to cover and load up on healing spells. You quickly lunge foward and take a few strikes on the Dragon Priest, inflicting major damage. It prepares a deadly fire ball and you bolt back for cover. Again, you heal yourself. The enemy presses on towards your cover and you strike it as it turns the corner. You bask in victory as you greedily grab the mask and claim it for yourself.

Bosses in Skyrim range from dificult, such as Potema or any Dragon Priest, to unique, such as Halldir or the Gaulderson Brothers, or a boss that's simply disapointing, such as a BIG SPECTRAL WOLF. So, I ask you, wiki. What boss battles did you find particulary interesting, difficult or not worth the work to reach it? I'd like it if you selected one boss from each category. I can't wait for your responses!