hey. ive been reading through a lot of oblivion to skyrim wishlists, and the vast majority seem to be a bit naff, so im having a go at creating my own. i have no idea if im writing this in the right place, so if theres somewhere better to put it please tell me. to clarify these arent in any particular order, theyre justy as i think of them

1. a scaling system that dosent ruin the game. i recently tried playing oblivion again, and actually found it so irritating at lower levels, that i wantd to cry. the worst examples are in the main story, the battle of kvatch being the worst i think, seeing as most people new to the game go there early on. i mean how in the name of god does an army of freaking stunted scamps destroy and entire city? even with the daedric seige engine i dont see how they can overpower the city guard. dreading a weeks worth of grinding repeated dungeons. i did all the sums and used console commands to buff my level, skils and attributes to a decent level, only to find that it was no better at this end of the spectrum. enemies were now imbued with a seemingly infinite amount of health,meaning that even with daedric weapons, fights still went on for ages, and would sink into a repetitive pattern of repeatedly hacking at the oponent trying to whittle their health down. this is apparentlyy being addressed in skyrim though with a system that is more reminiscient of fallout 3.

2. a stealth system that works consistenly throughout the game. this relates bacck to the above rant, or at least to a certain extent, the main issue ebing that at high levels, stealth becomes alsmost redundant for me as a combat solution. too many times have i unleashed an arrow from my glass bow ( ignoring the odd way its held) watching it glide throughb the air in near bullet time only to see it anitclimatically thud into the back of an orcs head and deal a pittance of damagge depsite the sneak crtical. as pure stealth or combat and stelath archetype i make little use of alchemy or magic and it irks me somewhat to find that the only way to have a good stealth character is to use magic. secondly irecently found that putting securityu as a major skill is just plain pointless. as a workaround i just grind to level 5 and then do nocturnals daedric quest. my reward being the skeleton key, whihc makes it impossible for mem to fail lockpicking. lastly in thie partciular rant is the lack of logic in some cases. for the sakeof trying to be conventionally stealthy i always use daggers or shortswords for stealth based missions, but it does just seem sometimes that it would be more efficient just to use a claymore, as the game refuses to distinguish bewteen the two and offers the same critical, rendering the first more conventional approach almost pointless. this point is being rectified in skyrim, where bows will be considerably more powerful and daggers will have a massive 10x sneak critical.

3. NPC's who arent mentslly inhibited. in my travels thourgh cyrodil the one thing i ntoiced is that citizens only have the ability to converse with each other in a stunted hesitant manner, coming out with garbage about mudcrabs and sometimes just walking off midconversation, it really genuinely upsets me. vaguely related to this is the fame/infamy system. there is nothing more instuling than actually keeping the imperial gaurds alive in kvatch to the end, only to talk to one afterwards and being addressed as follows 'ive got my eye on you..scum. ive seen your type before etcetc' its just plain rude.

4. horses that work proeperly. i played oblivion and hated hroses because everytime i was attacked id have climb off kill whatever it was attacking me and climb back on etc. further to that i found they had a turing circle equivlalant to that of lame elephant. it got to the point where i just drank ten skooma before setting out. i gave bethesda the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was technology limtiations, only to buy assassins creed which was released the year after (2007) and find it has horses that felt real(ish) they would turn properly and gallop proeprly and everything, and after that i just ignored them completely on oblivion.

im done for now, but just to clear my name. i really do love oblivion, ive probably spent more time on it than anything else i have, its just these things that each time i play through become more and more obvious. theres probably mods that cure these, and i know that the Radiant Story AI will cure the NPC's thing and that ahving seen them in the demo, horses are much better, but i just thoght id state where im at. i also apologise for my tpying. i really cant be bothered to correct it and again i aplogise for that. i intend to add to the list in the future.