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    So for the last two+ weeks I have been working on the Skyrim:Hearthfire, Homestead pages. I did this both for myself as well for the greatness of the wikia as a whole.  My end goal for this is to make a supreme grand total of what is needed in order to make all three homesteads with all the different wings and accessories. So the first thing I will do in this blog is make a grand total for all the wings and then combine all the grand totals to get a supreme grand total. So for now this blog is under construction. 

    Sawn Log Nails Iron Fittings Iron Ingot Hinge Glass Steel Ingot Gold Ingot Quicksilver Ingot Refined Moonstone Lock Straw Quarried Stone Clay
    Full Totals Alchemy Laboratory 44 68 15 7 12 3 - - 1 - 5 - 16 9
    Full Totals Armory 62 …

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