Dawn Walker 

Chapter 1: The College of Black Marsh 


Eel-Gei woke at the sound of crumbling rocks and shaking wagon wheels. He got up and looked around him There were few hist trees, only the deciduous trees of cyrodiil. He scratched his eyes. 

"Well well well, you're awake!" one of the wagon drivers exclaimed. It was nighttime in on the coastal road. 

"Yeah." Eel-Gei was on his way to the College of Black Marsh, a college on Black Marsh's eastern coast. It was a college where you could learn how to perform common jobs. The school offered a small variety of courses, with literature, common occupations, and mathematics. Eel-Gei was enrolled in the common jobs course, where you would learn of menial labor. He wanted to take the mathematics course, but he didn't want to disappoint his parents. 

Finally the wagon began to come to a halt. They were outside of a small wooden tower with a large fire atop it, almost like a lighthouse. 

"Here we are!" The imperial driver was happy for him. He had also come to this college, as he told Eel-Gei earlier in the trip. The younger nord driver handed him a bottle of Honningbrew Mead. It was cold and the driver told him it would give him some comfort during his stressful days. He thanked the driver and entered the small tower, where a man sat, tired and weary. The man sat up straight and said, "Oh, hi! New guy, eh? Uh, lemme guess. Hand-On-Axe?" 

"No, Eel-Gei" 

"Really? I'd like to see how fit the real Hand-On-Axe is. Alright, so... what course are you taking? 

The man continued to ask Eel-Gei questions as he wrote in a small journal on his desk. Finally he let Eel-Gei go with a slip of paper, telling him which room to go to. He got back into the wagon and went another 400 meters or so. They came to a large open area with a beautiful hist tree surrounded by a crystal pond in the center. The area was surrounded by buildings with stone at the base and wood supports. Wood boards covered the wool insulation. There were 7 building in all in this area. Thin, winding dirt paths lead from building to building, with a slightly thicker road leading through the forest on the other side. A large gravel road lead right to the dorms, male and female, both 2 floors high. At the other end of the field, a towering building stretched almost higher than the hist tree. Two more halls, slightly larger but not as tall, were set to the sides of that one. Another hall sat next to the dorms and to the side of the thicker dirt path. On the other side of the path sat a small hut with a large forge, many anvils and some more worktables for refining weapons and armor. 

Eel-Gei stepped up to the boys dorm room and entered. He found his room and opened it. A Dunmer was sleeping in one bed while the other was empty. He put his stuff away and read one of the books he brought with him, The Final Lesson. He went to sleep after that and was ready for his first class in 2 days. 


When Eel-Gei awoke, he saw that his roommate wasn't there and heard chatting outside. He left and saw the Dunmer he shares a room with, chatting with a Khajiit and a few Imperials. The Kahjiit says, "That him?" 

"Yup!" the Dunmer replied. "Come on, join us! We're getting to know each other!" 

"Alright," he responds, "I'm Eel-Gei." 

The Khajiit says to him, "I'm surprised that you are the first argonian I see here. I am Ma'Jhan, pleasure to meet you." 

The imperials introduce themselves as Pictus and Eron. Eel-Gei's roommate says his name is Sathayil. It turns out that Ma'Jhan was also in the common occupation course, althought Sathayil and Eron were in mathematics and Pictus was in literature. They all went together to the dining hall in the dorm building. They ate breakfast together. When they got back to their rooms to get some things, they found an argonian skooma dealer. 

"Hey! You look like you're in a slump," he said to Ma'Jhan, "how 'bout you get some stuff from me?" 

"For your information, fool, I do not use skooma as I feel there are other ways to contact Masser and Secunda, aside from harming myself." 

The argonian was desperate. He tried to take Ma'Jhan's satchel and run, but Pictus caught up and threw him to the ground. 

"No! Don't hurt me! I just need some gold!" 

"Who are you?" Pictus replied. 

"I'm Hand-On-Axe!" 

Eel-Gei remembered the name from last night. He was happy that he wasn't Hand-On-Axe, although he still felt bad for the fellow. The day continued on casually, but they all got their schedules and were oriented the next day