We know the stories of the creation of the ES universe. Magnus Desingned Mundus, and is probably the most knowlegable Aedra. As far as I know, the details of Lorkans betrayel have never been specified. His trick couldn't have been in the design, Since Magnus would certainley be very protective of his work. I suggest that there was a sufficent energy source to make a mundus, albeit shallow. I'll explain that now. I think that Mundus was made for entertainment, and Lorkan wasn't satisfied with it. Imagine if none of the characters in Star Wars had emotion. I think that's close to what he saw. He thought of a way to give it the spark it needed. An event was set up, a celebration. While the Aedra were off guard, he activated someething that drained their power, and ran to Mundus. When he got there, he threw it into the sky and broke it. With some design of his own, Lorkan fixed the shards in a way that they gave off energy, but couldnt be harvested. The Aedra had lost much power, but not so much that they couldn't fight. they joined forces to defeat Lorkan, and split his own power. They'd lost too much power to kill him, and couldn't diffuse his strength properly. Now I'm going to go on a brief tangent. To me, Sheogorath has always stood out among the daedra. maybe it's just me, but he seems really out of place. Yes, there is the story about how Jyggalag was extrodinarilly smart and logical, but isn't Hermaeus Mora the most intelligent Daedra? At least, they could surley compete. Would Jyggalag really be such a large cause of concern to the Daedric Pinces? So much that they would all need to join forces just to seal him, ineffectivley at that? If Jyggalag ever completed the Greymarch, which he's certainly come close to doing, wouldn't that be a total disaster for them? What if the Geymarch is what Lorkan felt, looking at the original Mundus? What if the Greymarch was the process of rebirth, and if completed, the land would be vibrant again? What if, Jyggalag is Jyggalag because he hasn't fully absorbed Sheogorath? What if, the reason the Daedra felt so threatened by him, is because he stole their power? And Sheogorath's city's, Mania and Dementia, could they be his satisfaction of success, and his fear of the other daedra coming to finish him?