This is more of a poll / idea gathering blog it'll basicly work like i say one of my favorite enchatments i put on my weapons or weapons i have found then some one else says a couple and then anyone who reads this gets some good ideas.

OK 1. Glass Long Sword w/ Weeknes to electricity set at 100% for 3 Secs and Electricity Damage set at 20 points per strike, lol its quite amusing when I sneek up on people and use it with the stealth bonus.

2. Glass Dagger w/ Soul Trap for 5 Secs on strike and Damage Health at 25 points on Strike, I know that Soul Trap is only set at 5 Secs but trust me all you need is One hit in sneek mode.

3. Glass Battle Axe w/ Fire Damage at 20 points with a area of effect of 15 and weekness to fire damage at 50% for 2 secs, Oh I love this weapon but I found it I did not make it umm Im not shure but i think it would take a lot of Magika to make this one.

OK well I dont really have too many other weapons that you dont already have from quests but please post your favorites thank you!

LOL I just noticed most of my weapons are glass.