Halbarn Iron-Fur
Halbarn Iron-Fur 

- Age: mid 30's - 40's 

-Occupation: Blacksmith

-Race: Nord


Halbarn Iron-Fur is a Nord blacksmith initially found at Bujold's Retreat while battling for control over Thirsk Mead Hall. If the quest Retaking Thirsk is completed, he relocates to the mead hall along with the others. If you speak to him after completing the quest, he will ask you to do him a favor by collecting some items for him. If you do so, he becomes a potential marriage candidate.

Quest Name

Halbarn favour Quest -  Gather 10 pieces of Stalhrim and 15 pieces of Ebony Ingots to complete this miscellaneous quest. After you've completed this quest, you can marry him. 


- Bujold's Retreat

- Thirsk mead Hall

- The Beast Stone (when cleansing the stones) 


Once I married Halbarn, I fell in love with the guy straight away. His first concern were for my children and where we would be staying (I adopted before I married). After we moved into our Markarth house, he complimented on the home I kept- and like every other husband/wife in the game he said he would start up a small store when I'm away (Always good to come home to coin). I noticed that a new dialogue came up, concerning my children. "how are the kids?" Now, I've married before on the game and I have never seen this type of dialogue. Was it because those individuals simply didn't care about my children's well-being? Or is Halbarn the man for you, ladies!?  Well, When I saw the dialogue I was on my knees thanking bethesda for including it in the game. I mean, FINALLY!! I get to talk to my husband about our kids, like any other husband or wife in the game. It turns out Halbarn was worried for the kids living in Markarth, with all the talk of the Forsworn and I guess simply because we're in the Reach and we all know it's a dangerous place to walkabout. So straight away I moved my children and my husband to my Solitude house, I asked again how the kids were and he was much happier about the location. I also recall him saying that 'it's the perfect house for a growing family'. I don't know about you guys, but all of a sudden I wanted my character and him to have wild sex under the eldergleam tree and make babies!! Which brings me to my next question: Why can't the women characters in the game (when they choose) get pregnant and have a child of their own?  I realise we are playing the dragonborn and He/She is supposed to be the hero of Skyrim. But it would be nice to have our own baby.. i'm sure my kids would like a little brother or sister too  :)