so if you hhave ever played skyrim you know there are the stormcloacks and the imperials, right? what i found to be ind of wierd is that the stormcloak rebels don't use a different form of money than the imperials. the imperial form of money is a septim(see the picture), it's name based off of the dragonborn hero tiber septim who founded the empire.

So what i'm getting at is that the money the imperials use is the same money the rebels and for that matter the thalmor use! i just dont get it. and why im saying this is if you look on the coin it says "THE EMPIRE IS LAW, LAW IS SACRED". i dont know about you but i would'nt carry around money that says the very person im fighting against is law... and yes i know if the gave you a different kind of currency you would'nt be able to spend it in some parts of skyrim. but another thing is that back in the 1800's there was a civil war in america and the rebel side used a different currency than the union side. i know it would'nt make for the best gameplay but would add a whole new level of realism. what do you think?