(WARNING: THIS BLOG CONTAINS REFERENCES TO OBSCURE LORE)

Hello everyone. I always asked myself if Auriel, Alduin, Tosh-Raka, etc might just be different names for the same god. I'm quite sure that many other people also asked questions like that.

I studied since roughly a year the obcsure TES lore which can normally only be found in the Imperial Library. I also discussed with other members on the official Bethesda Forums about deeper lore, such as CHIM or the Walking Ways. Now, I'm certainly no Loremaster, but I think I found enough texts and quotes that prove that Auriel, Akatosh, Tosh-Raka, Alduin and all other "modern" Time Gods, Shor, Sheor, Shezzar and all other "modern" Space Gods are actually shards... of the original Time and Space Gods Aka and Lorkhan. 

I understand that this may sound like something only a lunatic would say, but I will explain my theory in this blog. I also want to say that this is just a theory; a theory which is quite possibly wrong. Anyways, let's begin:

I want to start my theory at the literal beginning of anything in the TES Universe: The Godhead. People who know the obscure lore should also know about the Godhead, and about the dualism which spans over several "subgradients" in his Dream. First, was the Godhead:

(Subgradient 0)                                                                                                                                 Godhead

The Godhead began to dream, and the things he first dreamt off were Anu and Padomay, Stasis and Unstasis, Order and Chaos, IS and IS-NOT.

(Subgradient 0)                                                                                                                                Godhead=

(Subgradient 1)                                                                                                     Anu                                                     Padomay

You now might wonder why I put an "=" behind "Godhead". This is because everything in the Godhead's dream is the Godhead. Everything. (Quite important for the CHIM concept, btw)

So, Anu and Padomay also had souls. Those souls are called Anuiel and Sithis.

(Subgradient 0)                                                                                                                                  Godhead=

(Subgradient 1)                                                                                                         Anu=                                                Padomay=

(Subgradient 2)                                                                                             Anuiel=                                                                     Sithis=

As you should have figured out by now, this goes on and on. Every subgradient becomes smaller until it reaches 0 again, which is Amaranth, the final Subgradient. But we won't talk about Amaranth in this blog. I'll now skip all other Subgradients which may be between Anuiel/Sithis and Aka/Lorkhan, so that the list doesn't become too long.

(Subgradient 0)                                                                                                                                 Godhead=

(Subgradient 1)                                                                                                      Anu=                                                    Padomay=

(Subgradient 2)                                                                                                  Anuiel=                                                       Sithis=

(Subgradient 3)                                                                                      Aka (original Time God)=                             Lorkhan(original Space God)=

Now, we have Aka, the original Time God and Lorkhan, the original Space God. Remember, this is before Lorkhan tricked/convinced the other Aedra to create Mundus. At the time before the Convenant, in the Dawn Era, Aka and Lorkhan were still "whole". They both had their own mind, identity and form. But now, the Convenant happens. Lorkhan's Heart is ripped out, the Spirits become the Ehlnofex who in turn become the mortal races who now walk Nirn. Those mortals, of course, began over time to worship gods. One of these gods was Aka-Tusk. Aka-Tusk is, according to Michael Kirkbride, "the oldest and most-needed tusk of Aka"(mind quote here, can't find the source right now). Mortals began to believe in a Time God called Aka-Tusk who does what Aka-Tusk does. This shattered Aka. Literally.

Mortal believe is something extremly powerful in the TES Universe. It can shape, alter and even weaken gods so much that they become practicly non-existent (which is one of the reasons why the Thalmor want to destroy Talos worship). The problem is that mortal believe can only affect gods inside Mundus. Outside of Mundus, mortal believe doesn't really do much.

Anyways, imagine it like this:

Someone would throw a rock at a Window. The Window would break and many shards would be littered accross the floor. Now, imagine instead a rock mortal believe, instead throwing worshipping, instead of a Window Aka and instead of shards the "modern" Time Gods". There you basicly have it. To explain it even further:

Aka-Tusk can still be considered a part of Aka, like a shard from a broken Window can still be considered a part of the former Window. Aka-Tusk can still be considered a part of Aka, but the problem is that Aka-Tusk began, as an "independent" shard, to form an own mind. Aka-Tusk thinks differently from Aka.

Now, apply this "Window Breaking" to every other known "modern" Time God, like Akatosh, Alduin, etc.

So, we now have a bunch of quite big shards which have their own mind and can even hate each other. You are probably now asking If I can prove that the different modern Time Gods are indeed shards from the original Time God and that they can hate each other. Yes, I can.

Let's first begin with Tosh-Raka and his apparent hate for his mirror-brother Akatosh and the Empire.

"First," Tosh Raka says, "is that we kill all the vampire snakes." Then the Tiger-Dragon Emperor wants to invade Tamriel.

Mysterious Akavir

So, Tosh Raka wants to invade Tamriel. At the time in which the book "Mysterious Akavir" appears, the Septim Empire rules all of Tamriel. Tosh Raka apparently wanted to invade and conquer that which is protected by his mirror-brother Akatosh. Akatosh protects the Empire from a potential invasion of a daedric Army through the barrier which is created through lighting the Dragonfires. Akatosh is also the "patron" of the Empire. This proves that the two mirror-brothers, Akatosh and Tosh Raka who are according to my theory basicly the same god, but broken apart and with unique minds, can hate each other.

Now, let's take a look at Michael Kirkbride's comment on the Time Gods:

"Don't forget that gods can be shaped by the mythopoeic forces of the mantlers-- so Tosh Raka could be an Akaviri avatar of Akatosh with a grudge against his mirror-brother in Cyrodiil.

Just like Akatosh-as-we-usually-know-him could time-scheme against his mirror-brother of the Nords, Alduin, to keep the present kalpa-- perhaps his favorite-- from being eaten.

Notice all the coulds."           

MK's Q&A sessions

So, Michael Kirkbride basicly confirmed what I wrote about Tosh Raka. The modern Time Gods indeed have their own mind.

Now to the stuff that proves that Aka was actually the original Time God:

"... and left you to gather sinew with my other half, who will bring light thereby to that mortal idea that brings [the Gods] great joy, that is, freedom, which even the Heavens do not truly know, [which is] why our Father, the... [Text lost]... in those first [days/spirits/swirls] before Convention... that which we echoed in our earthly madness. [Let us] now take you Up. We will [show] our true faces... [which eat] one another in amnesia each Age."

The Song of Pelinal, Book VIII

"O Aka, for our shared madness I do this! I watch you watching me watching back! Umaril dares call us out, for that is how we made him!"

The Song of Pelinal, Book VI

"It is a solid truth that Morihaus was the son of Kyne, but whether or not Pelinal was indeed the Shezarrine is best left unsaid (for once Plontinu, who favored the short sword, said it, and that night he was smothered by moths)."

The Song of Pelinal, Book V

“You will eat nothing here, aspect Ald,” said the Aka-Tusk, sensing trouble. “Do not forget that it was Heaven itself that shed you from me.”

“Who cares,” the World-Eater said, “You speak of the Prolix Laws, which do not bind me if you strain our kinship. You awoke me. That bell-sound has consequence. And the Dagon here, well, he’s going to tell me right now where he’s hidden all the additions to the World he has hoarded in the long aeons of salmon-leap which he calls his own survival.”

Seven Fights of The Aldudagga The Seven Fights of The Aldudagga

So, let's now look at that evidence.

"...and left you to gather sinew with my other half" Pelinal is an avatar of not only Aka, but also Lorkhan.

"[which is] why our Father, the... [Text lost]... in those first [days/spirits/swirls] before Convention... that which we echoed in our earthly madness." This mentions the "wholeness" of Aka and Lorkhan before the Convention happened.

"We will [show] our true faces... [which eat] one another in amnesia each Age." Aka and Lorkhan basicly have Schizophrenia, which is the "amnesia" described there.

"[...]but whether or not Pelinal was indeed the Shezarrine is best left unsaid (for one Plontinu, who favored the short sword, said it, and that night he was smothered by moths)." Pelinal becomes quite pissed when Plontinu called him a Shezarrine. Why? Because calling him a Shezarrine would imply that he's an avatar of Shezarr, one of the shards of Lorkhan.

"O Aka, for our shared madness I do this!" 'shared madness' is the madness of Lorkhan and Aka being echoed as Pelinal.

"[...]said the Aka-Tusk, sensing trouble. 'Do not forget that it was Heaven itself that shed you from me.'" Proves that Aka-Tusk and Alduin were shed from Aka.

"You speak of Prolix Laws, which do not bind me if you strain our kinship." Alduin talks about their kinship.

There's tons of other evidence, but I think that this is enough to prove that all modern Time Gods (and also Space Gods, because of what Pelinal says) are shards from the original Time and Space Gods Aka and Lorkhan. This means that the list would look like that:

(Subgradient 0)                                                                                                                     Godhead=

(Subgradient 1)                                                                          Anu=                                                                           Padomay=

(Subgradient 2)                                                       Anuiel=                                                                                                         Sithis=

(Subgradient 3)                                                    Aka=                                                                                                               Lorkhan=

(Subgradient 4)                                      Akatosh, Alduin, Tosh Raka, etc=                                                                        Shor, Sheor, Shezarr, etc=

(Subgradient 5)                                        Dragons, Dragonborns (I guess)                                                                                      Shezarrine

So, you are probably now wonderin why I included the Dragons, Dragonborns and Shezarrine in that list as Subgradients. This is because they are like the modern Time/Space Gods shards, but much smaller than the bigger shards which are the modern gods.

Now, the question is of course which shard/god is the most powerful one. I don't know what modern Space God is the most powerful one, but I do think that I know what modern Time God is the most powerful one: Akatosh.

As I said before, mortal believe in the TES Universe is extremly powerful. It can strengthen gods and alter them. Akatosh is worshipped in the Imperial Pantheon which is worshipped in Cyrodiil, in the Areas around the Illiac Bay, in Skyrim (in the 4th Era, at least) and in parts of Morrowind where the Imperial Cult tries to spread the Imperial Pantheon. This means that Akatosh is by far the most worshipped Time God in Tamriel.

Then again, Alduin worship diminished extremly over the time. He was worshipped by the Dragon Cult, but as we all know, the Dragon Cult fell apart after the Dragon War. He's now much more weaker than before and might even be one of the weakest modern Time Gods.

Why I'm saying this? Because of Skyrim's Main Quest.

At the end, we defeat Alduin in Sovngarde, but we don't absorb Alduin's soul. His soul seems to be flowing into the sky instead. As I already said, Akatosh is the most powerful (and most "wholest" part) of Aka in the Aurbis. The Dragonborn is relatively weak compared to Alduin and the other modern Time Gods, so what happens? Alduin's soul is instead absorbed by Akatosh. This is because Akatosh's shard/soul has the biggest influence in the Aurbis, which makes him powerful enough to absorb Alduin's soul. By that, he becomes even more powerful. Let me explain that:


(Aka breaks after the Convention)



As you can see, Akatosh is the biggest shard of Aka. He adds Alduin's shard to his own shard, which makes his shard bigger:


The same rule can also apply to the other shards of Aka; The Dragons and Dragonborns. If the Last Dragonborn in TESV: Skyrim absorbs a Dragon soul, he's adding that soul to his own soul, which is adding that shard to his own shard.

Dragonsoul: IIIIIIII

Dragonbornssoul: IIIIIIII

IIIIIIII(LDBs soul)+IIIIIIIII(Dragons soul) = IIIIIIIIIIIIIII(LDBs soul + the Dragon soul)

This is the end of my blog. I would like to know everyones opinion on my theory, and I would appreciate a discussion.