C0DA, a 60+ page graphic novel written by former Bethesda employee and contract writer Michael Kirkbride was released today at 15:00 UTC. The novel is said to answer many long unanswered lore mysteries, such as the disappearance of the Dwemer, fate of Nerevarine, what is Landfall, the New Man and more. It also features unique artwork created by several talented artists however, as of writing, the artwork is missing but should be made available "any minute now".

The project has involved a lot of voluntary work, and will, therefore, be free to anyone with Internet access. C0da can be read here or downloaded as a PDF. In addition to the project, Michael Kirkbride has encouraged fans of the lore to create their own C0DA, or expand upon the work others, in what he has dubbed "the sequel to the Elder Scrolls Universe". See for details.