This blog's primary reason for existance is to analyze what led to the currently 'dead' state of this Wiki and maybe give some insight as to how the community can prevent such a thing to happen in the future.

As some of you readers may already know, today (1/16/15) our two only active system operators, Ghost Anubis and EbonySkyrimresigned

This marks an unfortunate and sad day for the Wiki. Even though I have only been here for roughly a year, I have met several other Users who were significantly earlier already active. I know of them that the Wiki used to be in a somewhat chaotic state previously, something which calmed a bit down towards late 2013 and early 2014. When I first joined, the only really noticeable drama was contained within the chat, and consisted out of occasional fighting between several users, of which I will not post their names.

This slowly changed into a more drawn-out drama on the Wiki. The first Reevaluations of the staff members came in late February 2014, and was created due to multiple arguments between users and sysops, most of them ranging from the fact that the only -space given attention by the admins used to be the mainspace, and that the admins at that point of time were extremely dictator-esque. However, they did not bring anything. No noticeable change was conducted; every staff member continued to be a staff member.

This severe 'blow' on the mood of the community, espescially within the chat, fuelled later drama happening on this wiki, most noticeably the drama which happened around the previous Admin Jimeee in mid 2014. As the drama went on, the second Reevaluations eventually happened, Jimeee was removed as an Admin and permanently left this Wiki, and the previously mentioned Ghost Anubis became a sysop.

After that, a relatively good time for the wiki followed. Things started to calm down and settled in, with the only issues being relatively minor ones. This is, likely, what caused the Wiki to enter this dead state, however.

Through the entire past year, I noticed how the chat always 'jolted' alive in accordance to any major drama happening on the Wiki. While it was never inactive to begin with, at times over 30 users were in the chat and the main chat was flooded by huge discussions about current problematic things. Evidently, as soon as the most major drama was over, the chat began dying.

Several avid wiki users, for example Madman97CynicalEarth and Sky Above, Voice Within left the Wiki, due to personal reasons and sometimes even reasons connected to this wiki. Many of them were widely known on this wiki, which caused a bummer on the chat and also started to cause the first larger inactivity periods on the chat and forum.

During Fall 2014, this inactivity became combined with the frequent server-issues increasingly more noticeable and steadily rose, until we now have, on average, only 3-5 users in the chat and that only at the evenings. 

This is unfortunate. But hold on for a second; didn't we always want the Wiki to become free of drama? Didn't we always want it to calm down, espescially considering the truly huge amount of drama in the chat?

Yes, we did. But we never expected that our motivation to use the Wiki, and in turn the Wiki itself, would die as a result. This was completely unexpected. Nobody could've predicted something like this happening.

This, naturally, raises the question of how we can prevent something like this happening again. 

Now, in order to calm any user having concerns about the wiki down; We still have sysops. The wiki is not admin-less, yet. But the problem is that those sysops are extremely inactive, meaning that the Wiki could survive by itself for a while.

In my opinion, the currently largest problem on the wiki is plain and simply the divided and bickering community. It is quite similar to the situation in February 2014, but instead of being between Admins and Users, it is between all users of the wiki. Several things which happened in the past year contributed to this divide in the community, most prominently the drama surrounding the RP Board and it's removal.

This blog does not exist to resurrect and add fire to those old discussions, but to resolve them. Because if we want this Wiki to continue existing in this state, if we want to have a successful Wiki, then the Community finally needs to work together.

The Community has, during the past year, worked numerous times together and has almost always won those discussions. The Reevaluations, although a bit late, eventually happened and all bad staff members were filtered out. Those Reevaluations would've never happened without the Community's disgust at the previous leadership of this wiki. The Jimeee thing happened, again, because of the Community, and it was only the Community which made him leave. 

The Community can, if it works together towards one goal, achieve great things. As I said before, the Community is divided, largely because of the RP Board events. I'm going to TL;DR this: If we want this Wiki to survive, we need to work together. Unless we work together, this Wiki is going to end up in a stasis which may take years to resolve.

EDIT: TombRaiser now resigned as well.