"When the Empire surrendered to the Dominion, they shamed us all...."

Talos is no longer a god to Tamriel. Everyone must bow to the Thalmor, and everything the elves want. The High Elves betrayed they're kinsmen of the Bosmer, the Dunmer, and the Orismer. But I have something to say about it. It should NOT continue.

Only the Empire fought the Elven people, and only they failed. Everyone else were forced to just sit back and watch. And soon, the Empire surrendered, and the countries of Tamriel were thrown into a depression. The Nords of Skyrim can no longer worship they're favorite divine. The bosmer were once friends to the Altmer, but now mere slaves to them. The Thalmor kill anyone who worships Talos.

Once again, all of this, because of the Empire.

Support the Stormcloaks, and the many other people from many other lands who want to stand up to this. Why? Because they need to learn something. Only the Empire wants to bow to the demands of Elven traitors, liers, fools, and all the other things the AD are. The Red Guard's great houses object to the Thalmor, but fail because the Emporer demands they do. Black Marsh is a place of choas, because they were the first to take a stand.

So how many more agree with me? Or do I stand alone?