Soul Gems. Soul Gems are all that I've been wondering about for a while now. Sure, we all know the basic of Soul Gems in how you trap a soul in one of these gems via casting a Soul Trap spell and then these can be used to enchant almost anything but what I've been wondering is, what really happens between Trapping the soul and when it gets embelished onto the item...that's what I decided to find out.

I started to research the subject, the act of soul trapping and the ethics of it and I came across a certain text detailing about the 'Dreamsleeve'. The 'Dreamsleeve' is apparently a limbo of sorts where every mortal (humanoid or not) passes through and almost everything in their past life gets 'recycled' of sorts, that means their memories, consciousness and other stuff such as that gets passed onto the gods and thier soul is born anew, reincarnated in another mortal being. Also detailed in this text was about what happens to soul encaged in soul gems, strictly speaking, since their soul is trapped in these gems they have no where to go so they are stuck in a limbo of sorts since they cannot pass through

I would like you guys to leave your thoughts and ideas below :)