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  • Philgo95

    From all my time of gameplay here what i came up to. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you need help for the combat strategy and/or where to place perks. Please put a title to your comment by spacing it form your text and write cleary what is about. Let me know if this information was usefull for you. Thanks .

    I name the principal skills you should put perks in.

    1. Pure warrior - Orsimer; heavy Armor, one-handed + shield or dual-wielding or two-handed.
    2. Ligh warrior - Redguard; light armor, dual-wielding, archery.
    3. Magelame - Imperial; heavy armor, one-handed + destruction, restoration.

    1. Pure mage - Altmer; destruction, alteration, restoration, conjuration.
    2. Magelame - Redguard; one-handed + destruction, restoration, alteration.

    note: they …

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