Hi, I'm Pickleseller aka Pickle aka Mudkip. Today is the start of something special: my second year on the wiki. I almost can't believe it; it only seems like six or so months have gone by. Then again, in the same sort of way, it does seem like a year. But that's not what this blog is about.

No, this blog is about the year itself. When I first joined- no, when I first went on the wiki, i had just gotten Skyrim. I had been to a few other wikis before, namely Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. So, when I first came to the wiki, I just read the pages. That's it: I didn't edit, I didn't go on the forums, I didn't read blogs. I was amazed at all the things I didn't know about the game (this was a couple months after I got the game, so I completed most questlines). However, I think this is what caused me to be completely exhausted of Skyrim, what caused me to be litterally unable to play the game for more than once a week. But, still I read, until I reread pages and spoiled Morrowind for myself.

A few months later, I discovered the forums. I did some stuff, mainly just reading, but then I decided to participate when I saw RPs. I have seen RPs earlier, and I really wanted to participate on them, but none of the forums I went on would so readily accept a newcomer. My first RP was TGRP, which I originally thought I caused to die. Guilty, I called up one of the participators and asked him to revive it. And he did. And so started the longest RP (of that time). I participated in RPs while also moving threads to the correct locations and such. In November, chat was added and I became a chat mod. I was a pretty good chat mod, but I let ambition get ahead of me when a month later, I decided to nominate myself for Forum Mod.

I became a Forum Mod, but I was later demoted after spending too much time patrolling chat and not enough time in the forums. And the times I was in the forums, I was RPing. Then 2014 came, and brought along nothing new. It was the same, and I kind of like it this way (other than all the drama involving Spey and Zipper).

And here we are now, June 26th 2014, a year after I joined. I realize my summarization of events skipped out on a lot of important things, but you get the idea. I love this wiki, and without it, I would just be bored out of my mind all the time. I love this wiki, and hope it continues for much longer.

Here's to this year, and to many more.