Morndas, 18th of Last Seed 4E 201

I woke up and went to the Riverwood Trader, just next door. The seller and his sister were arguing about a stolen thing and bandits. "Did something happen?" I asked.

"Oh, just some thieves who thought they could steal from Lucan Valerius. And well, they have," the merchant said.

"I could help you get the thing back," I said.

"You could? I've got some coin coming from my last shipmet," he replied. "It's yours if you can get my claw back. They are in a ruin called Bleak Falls Barrow. You can see it from the town." He told me how to get there. I thanked him and trekked up the mountain. The ruin was easily spotted. I went up and dispatched the bandits. I went through the ruin, killing bandits. Then, I saw corpses. Not normal corpses, they were rotted and came to life. They were hard to kill, so I had to make use of traps and cunning to kill them. I continued, when I saw a tougher corpse. I hid behind a pillar, hopeful it hadn't seen me yet. Then, when it wasn't looking, I lunged out and attacked it with flames. The thing was quickly re-dead.

Continuing through the ruin, I heard a voice. "Is that you Harknir? Bjorn? Soling?" it said. I continued. I entered a room filled with cobwebs and spider eggs. Then, the most gigantic frostbite spider I have ever seen fell from the ceiling. I immediately abandoned all tact and just entered the "kill it with fire" mentality. It died, after a long battle. I went to the voice, who was a Dunmer caught in a spider web. "Good, you killed it," quickly said. "Now cut me down before anything else shows up."

"Where's the claw?" I asked, not wanting him to stall me."

"Yes! The claw! I know how it works! The claw, the markings, the door in the Hall of Stories, I know how they all fit together! Just cut me down and I can show you!"

I used my spells to cut him from the grasp of the web. Then, he ran. "I won't share the treasure with anyone!" he screamed. I chased after him, flames bellowing out of my hands towards him. He burnt to a crisp. I found the claw on his corpse and ventured forth through the dungeon.

I entered a hall with a door at the end. It had a moth, bear, and owl and a couple holes, where I presumed the claw went. I put the claw in. Arrows shot out of the holes and fired at me. I looked closely at the claw. It had a certain pattern on it of the animals, and I matched it with the door, then I put the claw in. The door opened. I entered a large room filled with bats and a giant hill thing at the end. I got to it and opened the chest. Most of it was just junk, but it was valuble junk. Then, I looked closely at a wall. It was made of strange markings I had not seen before. One group of markings were blue. I touched it, and it quickly faded away.

Then, a coffin opened, and out came a corpse much more deadly than the others. I used magical scrolls I had found in the ruin, then I used my own magic. It died. I found a strange tablet on its body, that seemed to have a map of Skyrim on one side with certain marked locations on it and on the other side the same language thing that the wall had. I made it back to Riverwood. I gave Lucan the claw and he gave me a sack of coins. It wasn't dark yet, so I spoke to the bard in the inn. He told me to give Camilla, Lucan's sister, a letter saying it was from some guy Faendal. I read it, and it was filled with venomous lies. The nerve! I told Camilla about the bard's treason and she told me to go to Faendal and tell him about this. I did so, and he gave me some gold. I now sit in the Sleeping Giant Inn again.