Tirdas, 19th of Last Seed 4E 201

I woke up and talked to the bartender, Orgnar. I asked him where I could learn about magic. He told me I could find the College of Winterhold in the city of Winterhold, northeast of Riverwood. I thanked him, then went to Faendal. I asked him if he could come along with me to Winterhold. He said sure. So, we walked along the north east path to Winterhold.

Nothing exciting happened until we came across a farm. There we met a jester, he said his name was Cicero, and he was transporting his mother's body when his wagon broke. Apparently, the farm owner, a man named Loreius, wouldn't help him fix the wagon. He told me to convince Loreius to fix his wagon. So I went over to the farm owner and managed to persuade him to fix Cicero's wagon. When I got back to him, Cicero gave me a large coin purse full of gold. I thanked him, then continued on.

Again, nothing else interesting happened until we saw a cave nearby. I asked if Faendal would like to explore the cave and see what's inside, and he obliged. Apparently, the corpse things are called Draugr, and that cave was full of them. We cleared it out, though, and there was another one of those blue walls. It had the exact same reaction as the other one. So, we continued on.

We eventually entered Winterhold at night, so we entered an inn. We will rest a bit before going to the College, for it is late, and we are tired.

(The cave I cleared out was Forsaken Cave. Sorry this one was so short, not that much of interest happened. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.)