So since i started ESO i have allways said the covenant is basically Scotland for theese reasons




Orc= Celts

The picts are the natives of Scotland who arrived from Iberia, The Flemish had a huge influence on Scotland i would also say the Flemish-Scots are Reachmen. And the celts are from Ireland who also decended from Iberian celts like the Picts.

Now I have the proof, From the years 1638-1651 a line of wars happend called The Wars of The Three Kingdoms.

It was basically Ireland, Scotland and England at war all killing each other, I found out about this when i learnt my family raised a few armies for the scots, The Scots where called "Scottish Covenanter" after the Biblical Covenant because they were Protestant, The Scottish Covenant had the Monarch's of The Stewarts, The Stewarts not only of Scotto-Norman(french) decent but they were Protestant until King Charles the 2nd converted to Catholicsm on his death bed, This led to future Stewarts being Catholic, And for this the Covenanting familys who stayed Protestant supported the government in the Jacobite Risings.

Now the Ebonheart Pact is obviously England if you do a quick google search most people in England are of Anglo-Saxon decent, The Anglo-Saxons were germanic people and before they converted into Christians from Paganism they were as brutal and dangerous as the Vikings, So much the romans payed the Anglo-Saxons to help them with the native Britons(welsh) Gaels(irish) and picts(scottish), The parts of Germany the Anglo-Saxons werenfrom was pretyy much everywhere in western germany but the Saxons came from the border of Denmark, The Vikings also came from denmark, In my opinion making Nords Saxon, Angle and jute (anglo-saxon)

The dark elves i have no idea what they have to do with England

The Argonians could be the Britons of the Marches of Northern England and Wales.

The Aldmeri Dominion has the wood elves, The wood elves remind me of the Irish Celts who also belived the trees had souls and stuff.

The Khajiit could be a referance to the high amount of Irish travelers.

And the High Elves could be a referance to the druids.

So adlemeri dominion= Ireland?

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