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    Skyrim's Call

    June 29, 2013 by PrestigiousWaffle

    So I made a song about Skyrim. Well, I actually based it off This song (Ireland's Call), my country's rugby anthem. I did this in about half an hour so feel free to suggest any changes in lyrics:

    Skyrim’s Call


    Come the Stormcloaks and come the Empire

    Come the Nords and the Imperials

    We have come to answer

    Our Homeland’s call

    From the five proud Holds of Skyrim


    Skyrim, Skyrim

    Together fighting strong

    Shoulder to shoulder

    We'll answer Skyrim's call


    From the mighty plains of Whiterun

    From the rugged cliffs of Markarth

    From the walls of Solitude

    And High Hrothgar

    From the five proud holds of Skyrim


    Skyrim, Skyrim

    Together fighting strong

    Sword blade to sword blade

    We'll answer Skyrim's call


    Swords of steel

    And voices of will

    Vowing never to be broken

    We will fig…

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