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  • Prince John of Allan

    Hey guys, I've been wandering for a while now, actually since Oblivion, why do we have a power we can only use once a day? I have always forgotten the powers, which I could only use once a day, because I always sat and worried, when would be the right time.

    So I was wondering if it would be better to lower the cooldown to a couple of minutes, instead of an in-game day. If it were to be like that, I can surely tell; that I would use it a lot more, since there are some awesome special powers, and escpecially racial powers.

    I just wanted your thought on this, and how you would want your cooldowns. Please leave suggestions :D

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  • Prince John of Allan

    I thought i'd be a good idea to suggest a form of beast transformation/animagus kind of spell. What I had in mind, was that you'd be able to transform into an animal such as a wolf or dog (leave other suggestions, and yes I've been thinking of dragons aswell). I think it would work like an Alteration spell or as one of your "special powers". You'd be able to transform into to the animal and be able to change back whenever you want to (much like the vampire lord).

    i think this could fit in the world of Skyrim, since we've already seen a form of transformation spell from Brelyna Maryon, where she asks the dragonsborn if he/she can help her with a quest (Brelyna's Practice).

    I think that maybe the Animagus quest could start from Tolfdir, who is a…

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